Stretch Goals for “Into the Stars” Announced, Includes PS4 Goal


Fugitive Games announced today the stretch goals for their new title, Into the Stars, along with a brand new trailer. 90% of Kickstarter has been funded at the time of this writing, reaching $77,675 of $85,000.

Some of the stretch goals include:

$105k – German, French and Spanish localization added: We’ll work closely with professional translation services to deliver native versions of the game in these languages.

$130k – Crew Platoon Pack + Custom Crew Names: A host of new crew members for you to choose from and the ability to name them whatever you desire. “Jimmy McButterToast” looks to be a solid engineer… excellent choice!

$155k – Russian, Portuguese and Polish localization added: Yeah, you guessed it… support for additional languages.

$180k – Weapons / Module Pack: We’ll add a new manufacturer who will provide some new modules for your selection. Each of them will have custom properties, audio and VFX support which will provide a unique gameplay experience and perhaps open up new routes to your goal.

$205k – Custom Ship Appearance: Everyone knows that when you look good you also FEEL good and that’s what this tier is all about. Deck out your ship with a host of cosmetic options that show off your personality while you’re on the go.

$230k – Alien Encounter Pack: This tier allows us to add a number of new new aliens for you to encounter, each with unique appearance, stats and demands. We have some fun and evil ideas to explore here and can’t wait to get started!

$255k – PlayStation 4: For all backers at the $15 tier and above, we’ll give you a code for a PS4 copy of Into the Stars. This will of course be delivered AFTER the initial release, but we’d love for you to experience the game on your couch and this will help make that a reality. Please note that there are a lot of unknowns with porting the game and as such there is no timetable for or guarantee of release on other platforms. We absolutely want this to happen, and with your support we’ll do everything we can to ensure it becomes reality, but the requirements of bringing the game to PS4 are unclear at this time.

The new trailer titled, “Sound of Into the Stars”, goes into detail the magic that composer Jack Wall of Mass Effect fame has created.

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