Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea Receiving PlayStation 4 Port This Year

Acclaimed literary RPG Sunless Sea is recieving its first console port on PlayStation 4 this year.

The new edition, which comes bundled with the game’s DLC Zubmariner, follows the title’s successful iPad port in 2017.

Sunless Sea blends rogue-like elements with a narrative-driven twist as players are tasked with navigating a dark and increasingly claustrophobic ocean. The game’s setting, a mysterious ocean called the Unterzee, tasks players with exploring islands which change in each playthrough.

By embedding itself in rogue-like principles, the title keeps players on their toes through multiple playthroughs.

Sunless Sea contains a myriad of complex RPG systems, including boat management, upgrades, and a mountain of narrative side quests. OnlySP’s initial review of the game noted the game’s initial complexity, but appreciated its unfolding depth.

Check out the trailer, embedded below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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