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Super Powers Come to Saints Row: The Third



The craziness of Saints Row: The Third will be cranked up to a new level with the upcoming expansion, Enter the Dominatrix, which gives players super powers. Seriously.

Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President of Core Game Production for THQ, said this in a press release:

Faster than a speeding cyber jetbike, more powerful than a roided-out Luchadore, able to leap flying aircraft carriers in a single bound… That’s the power you’ll find inside the Dominatrix. Use it for good. Use it for evil. Use it for whatever you want. As always in Saints Row, it’s up to you.

The expansion picks up after the events of Saints Row: The Third, as an alien warlord, Zinyak, prepares to invade earth. The alien leader captures the head of the Saints and imprisons him in a virtual reality simulator, known as the Dominatrix.

The Saints Row series has never exactly taken itself seriously. The series prided itself on being Grand Theft Auto‘s wacky little brother that appealed to all the people who didn’t enjoy Grand Theft Auto‘s movement toward more sober narratives. But this is a whole new level of craziness for the game, for better or worse.

More details will emerge about the expansion this summer. Enter the Dominatrix is a full-fledged expansion, as well – it’s a standalone game and can be purchased as its own “boxed retail product” for $30 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.



Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Adds Chinese-American Stories and Chinese Localization



Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine will be receiving a new content update featuring Chinese-American stories, including full Chinese language support.

According to Steam, a new content update entitled “Gold Mountain” is available for anyone who owns the game. The update focuses on new tales focusing on Chinese Americans and their impact on American history and culture. The Steam update also explains the reasoning for including these stories:

“The Gold Mountain update was created to honor the millions of Chinese-Americans generally overlooked in American history. We hope that you enjoy the new original stories that are included in the update and look forward to reading all of your thoughts.”

Additionally, the ‘Gold Mountain’ update includes full Chinese language support for the game’s ‘Fireside Chats’, which is a free standalone experience that adds exclusive story content to the game’s 16 characters. The full Chinese version of the main game will release once the Chinese localization team, led by Ryan Zhang, finishes the new content.

OnlySP’s Derek Swinhart was left disappointed by the game when it released last year, stating that it promised “a long and exciting road-trip across unknown territory, but ends up only offering flat tires and postcards of better places.”

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