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SuperHOT is Shaping Up Quite Nicely, Check Out Some Alpha Gameplay

SuperHOT is getting closer and closer to its June 2015 release date if all continues according to plan for the developers.

Backers seem to have their hands on a early version of the game and are now uploading footage of the game to Youtube for all to see. You can check out the footage of the game just below which is from the game’s survival mode.

If you’ve never heard of SuperHOT until now, the game is a FPS puzzle game where time only moves when you move. The campaign should have more interesting scenarios than what you’ll see in the video below, but you can get a good idea of just how cool the mechanic is that will be driving the game forward.

Let us know what you think of the game in the comments after watching the video. SuperHOT is currently in development for the PC and Xbox One and has a target release date of June 2015.

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