In response to a question, Red Thread Games announced on Twitter that survival horror game Draugen is not dead.

The reason given for the silence is continued development of episodic cyberpunk/fantasy series Dreamfall Chapters. Based on the Longest Journey series (which contains a puzzle often included in “worst video game puzzle” lists), it seeks to continue on where Dreamfall: The Longest Journey left off to present a conclusion. Red Thread Games seeks to have a release date for the final chapter soon.

Draugen is a first-person psychological survival horror game set in 1923 in a coastal village in Norway. As an American traveller, who originally ventures out to find his missing sister, you must survive and stay sane for a week as the environment tries to rend not just your body but your fragile mental attachment to sanity.

As you can tell it has all the hallmarks of Lovecraft, cackling in the shadows as the mystery goes as cold as your body and soul, but the invoking of Norway isn’t coincidental. The draugen is the modern Danish/Swedish/Norwegian written version of the draugr or draug, an undead creature from Norse mythology. One characterised by superhuman strength, the unmistakable stench of decay and the ability to manipulate their size at will (Norse mythology is odd sometimes). They exist to guard treasure, murder the living or to simply haunt those who have done them wrong back when they still had a pulse.

Draugen will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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