Camel 101 has released a new developer update today for their upcoming survival horror game, Syndrome. Included in the update are some great looking new screenshots for you to check out.

According to Camel 101, “We’ve been working hard and passionately to make it everything that we want it to be: a true survival horror game with some action, but not too much that it can be considered a shooter. Most of the levels are in-game and functional, but still without the level of detail that we want them to have. The game takes place inside a spaceship where a lot of people live. We want the environment to transmit that idea, and we can’t have that with rooms full of boxes and barrels.”

In addition to the developer update, Camel 101 have released some new screenshots for the game showing off some fantastic looking environments built in the Unity Engine. You can check out the newly released screenshots just below.

Syndrome is planned for release in a few months, according to Camel 101. Stay tuned for further updates on the game by following OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: Syndrome is planned to release for the PS4 & Xbox One. The blog post covered in this story doesn’t make mention of when each version is expected to release, we will follow up with the developer to check in on that. 

Bigmoon Entertainment is helping Camel 101 bring Syndrome to consoles. 


Nick Calandra
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