Indie Viking RTS Bad North Gets A New Trailer

Bad North, the real-time tactical roguelike title developed by Plausible Concept, has a new trailer complete with gameplay and a further look of the project’s colourful art style.

The project’s charming visuals contrast with the brutally punishing gameplay and high-stakes overtones of the narrative. Players are tasked with defending their peaceful island kingdom against hordes of Viking invaders, who are intent on bringing about the exodus of the player’s population.

Gameplay-wise, the project looks to expand on the legacy left behind by titles such as Banner Saga and Final Fantasy: Tactics by providing a faster-paced and more punishing system of play. By melding together real-time tactics and strategy with roguelike design, Bad North appears to bridge the gap between slower paced and reaction-heavy gameplay.

Plausible Concept is only a three-person team, so the game is looking fantastic for such a small production. The team enjoys a fantastic pedigree, however, with collective experience working on huge titles such as The Division and the LittleBigPlanet franchise

Bad North releases this summer on console, PC, and mobile, with the Switch enjoying a short period of timed exclusivity.

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