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Fullbright Co-Founder Wants Tacoma To Stand On Its Own




Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor wants 2017’s Tacoma to stand apart not just from other titles in the exploration genre, but against the studio’s previous release, Gone Home.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Gaynor spoke in depth about the need to create narrative-focused adventures that pique the interest of players and leave a lasting impression. Adamant that gamers should not view Tacoma as “Gone Home on a space station,” he stated, “That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not what we’re trying to do.”

First announced in 2014, Tacoma was on track for its scheduled release in 2016 until early press and playtesting feedback revealed gamers weren’t connecting with the story the way developers needed them to. Forced to think of ways to better engage people in Tacoma‘s narrative, Gaynor said the team wanted to “get it to a place that we think and hope people will say, ‘Oh wow, this really stands on its own.”

During game’s revamp, the Tacoma team focused on creating storytelling tools it hoped would motivate players to participate as active observers rather than passive. Of particular note is a feature within the game which gives users the ability to pause and rewind Tacoma‘s augmented reality scenes as they play out around the station. This rewind feature allows a player to view a part of the story happening in one room, then go back and see the same time frame in a different room, offering a more in-depth understanding of the game’s narrative.

“At this point where the industry is, ‘it’s nice’ is not going to put you over the top,” Gaynor said. “So investing in getting to that place where people play your thing and are like, ‘holy sh–, I want to play more of this. Wow this thing that you guys are making really has something about it,’ that is super important.”

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Also known as Twist, Jennifer is a gamer, author, and digital artist who spent the early days of her childhood beating her stepfather's friends at Space Invaders and Pole Position on a beat-up Atari console, after which they would promptly complain to her mother. Now a competitive Diablo 3 player, she splits her time between writing, loving her dog Emmie, and putting her monk through nephalem rifts in a quest for the top spot on the seasonal leaderboards.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Show Unexplored Stories of Secondary Characters



The luminary creator of the Dragon Ball manga, Akira Toriyama, shared new information about the upcoming action RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Via the Bandai Namco Twitter account, Toriyama revealed that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will depict the backstories of several secondary protagonists. This means that the game will diverge from the story of the manga and give greater insight into Dragon Ball‘s many supporting characters. While a plethora of games depict the events of the Dragon Ball franchise, only a few of them meaningfully expand upon the story’s events, characters, and world.

Toriyama describes Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as a “fresh new take on the franchise.” Even though Toriyama rarely contributes to Dragon Ball games, he did create much of the lore in the now-defunct MMO Dragon Ball Online, which heavily influenced the story of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. While not much information is available about Kakarot and Toriyama’s involvement at this time, the title does have an early 2020 release date and a fishing mechanic.

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