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1979 Revolution, Railway Empire, and the Importance of Historical Games

Rhain Radford-Burns
Historical media has long been an important art form, with the earliest period drama films debuting over 100 years ago, and video games are no
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The Improbable Journey From Persian Classical Musician to Video Game Composer – An Interview with Nima Fakhrara

Sep Gohardani
Quantic Dream’s latest game, Detroit: Become Human, has attracted headlines since it was announced way back in 2013. Boasting a budget rumoured at around $30 million

A-Political Stance: Games and Politics Cannot Be Separated

Damien Lawardorn
Late last month, OnlySP’s parent company Enthusiast Gaming, in collaboration with Russ Pitts, announced the purchase and revival of The Escapist—a formerly well-regarded gaming site