Take a Dreamy Cruise with Colorfiction’s Boat Ride Becalm

Colorfiction, the mind behind left-field titles such as 0°N0°W, has released a new title: Becalm.

The “relaxing voyage” channels the developer’s earlier freeform experiments, but compacts them in a smaller, more digestible piece. The game only lasts around five minutes, acting as an effective primer for Colorfiction’s penchant for left-field aesthetics.

The title avoids repetition, however, as it is a procedurally-generated journey will load. Effectively, each time the title is played, it will load a new maritime adventure.

Previously Becalm made a splash on, but the title has now seen a full release on Steam. The developer sat down with OnlySP late last year to discuss its upcoming horror title Ode to a Moon. For those entranced by Becalm‘s charms, then be sure to check out Colorfiction’s previous title 0°N0°W, and follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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