Any hockey fans out there? We can all agree that playing the actual game of hockey might be better than playing a video game version but damn if the video games aren’t trying their hardest to get more and more realistic.

Just look at the new Enforcer engine made for the game. It utilizes technology used in EA’s Fight Night series and takes it to the rink. Take a gander below:

Stay tuned for more videos as we near the September 10th, 2013 release.

Matt Pettit
I love video games. Writing, talking, and playing them to be specific. I love the industry and could talk your ear off about some video games. Try me if you don't believe me, just bring some snacks.

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    1. I don’t care about this at all. They should spend their time developing and improving gameplay.

      1. I agree with that last part. I miss the days of NHL Faceoff and how fun that was. With all the games in the past few years, I haven’t come close to that enjoyment I had with Faceoff.

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