Tales of Hearts R Is Not The Only #JRPGVita Game Being Considered For the West

On a recent podcast hosted by PS Nation, Shahid Kamal Ahmad (PlayStation’s Strategic Content Manager) has gone into further detail with the process of the #jrpgvita Twitter campaign which asked fans to submit which Japanese RPG Vita games they’d like to see come to the West last year.

A few weeks later after the announcement of Tales of Hearts R’s localization for the West, he was asked by a listener of the podcast about #jrpgvita and whether or not there will be any further announcements that have been impacted by the campaign.  Ahmad responded, “No, it’s not the only one. Yes, talks have been going on with a lot of our partners for quite some time and hopefully when the time is right, we’ll see more.”

A few examples of games that #jrpgvita tweeters asked for are Valkyria Chronicles 3, Tales of Innocence R,  Final Fantasy Type-0, Masou Kishin, and Suikoden.

If we hear of more #jrpgvita games to reach the West, we will keep you updated. What would you like to see announced next? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PS Nation Episode 369 and Shahid Kamal Ahmad’s Twitter (1, 2)

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