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Tales of Xillia Westward Bound, More News From Namco Bandai Expo



For a long time, fans have been unsure that Tales of Xillia, the latest entry in the long-running JRPG series would be coming to the West. At yesterdays’ Namco Bandai Games Japan Expo 2012, that question was cleared up with the confirmation that it will be available sometime in 2013, exclusively for the Playstation 3 platform. Previously, it had been rumoured that Namco Bandai would only look into the possibility of a localisation if sales of Tales of Graces F showed that there would be demand for it. Even if it didn’t, logic won out in the end as Tales of Xillia has been the highest selling game in the series’ history in Japan and a direct sequel has already been announced.

The release also means that each of the current generation consoles has received an exclusive Tales of entry since 2007. A strange tactic for Namco Bandai, given the way that most publishers seek as wide an audience as possible for their games, but if it works for them, who am I to argue?

In addition to this, four new characters were announced for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These are Alex, P-Jack, Forrest Law and Tiger Jackson. The game is currently set to launch on the PS3 and 360 in mid-September, while the Wii-U version will be coming shortly after the system’s launch.

There were also a couple of announcement related to Dragon Ball Z games. The first was that DBZ for Kinect will feature a new episode of the anime previously unseen in the West revolving around Bardock, Goku’s father. The game will also include the first time that Bardock will be seen in Super Saiyan form. The publisher has also announced their next HD remaster effort, with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Budokai 3 being updated and bundled together for release on the PS3 and 360 at the end of the year.

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Sci-Fi Adventure Tether Back in Development, Demo Released




Freesphere Entertainment has announced that Tether is back in active development, almost a year after it was put on hold.

Alongside the announcement, the team has finally released the prototype version of the previous incarnation of the project for free on According to the announcement, the decision to release the demo came because “it seemed silly to have years of hard work sat there for people who worked on it to not get any recognition.”

The post also suggests that Freesphere has gone back to the drawing board for the project, saying that it is seeking to reduce the scope of the story and hinting at a “new direction.”

The demo is a long time coming, as creative director Mark Gregory first told OnlySP late last year that it would be made available as part of a larger interview discussing some of the problems and struggles faced by the team members, which included underfunding, a lack of publisher interest, and personal burnout.

For anyone unfamiliar with Tether, the sci-fi adventure promises to tell the story of a mother trapped aboard a space station while on a mission to prevent environmental collapse. While the premise raises echoes of the ‘walking simulator’ format, the game was quite ambitious, featuring time manipulation mechanics, a reactive AI enemy similar to Alien: Isolation‘s xenomorph, and immersive sim elements. How much of that will be retained in the new version remains to be seen.

OnlySP’s Amy Davidson has already pledged to trial the demo as a future entry in the Friday Freebies Club, which this week will examine \SPEK.TAKL\, so watch out for that.

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