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Telltale Confirms They’re Developing ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2



Telltale Games have announced that their episodic adventure adaptation of Game of Thrones will get a second season, just days after the conclusion of the first.

The company’s CEO Kevin Bruner announced that a multi-season game was always part of the deal with HBO, saying in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that they have “been planning the second season all along, but I really shouldn’t be revealing more than that.”

The first season followed the exploits of House Forrester, a vassal of House Stark in the Northern region of Westeros. The second season will continue that story, with Bruner saying that “the questions left on the table at the conclusion of season one — who survived and who didn’t — as well as all the other choices you made play a huge role in the second season.”

There are currently no release date details and Bruner was reluctant to reveal how far along in the process Telltale are, but for the many fans of the franchise it is undoubtedly good news.

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Stalker 2 is Not A Revived Version of the Cancelled 2012 Project



Stalker 2

Stalker 2 has been confirmed as an entirely new project that has no basis on the cancelled 2012 sequel.

Roughly a decade ago, fans were excited when Stalker 2 was announced. Unfortunately, in 2012, Ukrainian developers GSC Games World was shut down and all progress on the sequel was put on hold.

All went quiet until 2014 where the company resurfaced and announced that development on a version of Stalker 2 was underway. Despite a developer build for the original Stalker 2 making its way onto the web, GSC Games World chose to start from scratch and create an entirely new AAA experience for the series.

GSC Games World has so far not stated why the decision was made to start from the beginning, aside from the assurance that the new game is currently in development and will hopefully hit stores in 2021.

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