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Telltale Games Hit With Massive Layoffs, Will Finish The Walking Dead



Telltale Walking Dead

Telltale Games, the developer who popularized episodic games with titles such as The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands, look to be closing its doors.

The shocking news comes from a report via Gamasutra after some of the studio’s developers stated the narrative-known studio is shutting down. Little is known as to why the studio is shutting down, but the story is developing.

Telltale is in the midst of  The Walking Dead‘s final season of content, so this news has come at a total shock to the industry. The developer has confirmed that it will keep a skeleton crew of about 25 employees to finish off the project, with the remaining 225 laid off.

Telltale had also recently confirmed new episodic narratives taking place in the Stranger Things universe as well as a second season of The Wolf Among Us. As of today, the aforementioned titles are effectively cancelled.

The developer went through restructuring earlier this year, but signs of foreclosure were not known until today. Some staff were laid off last November, and its previous CEO, Kevin Bruner, filed a lawsuit in June for recovery of damages.

While no official confirmation of the shutdown has been revealed, a layoff of 90% of staff and a cancellation of all long-term projects is not a good sign. Whether this shutdown will be impacting Telltale Publishing remains to be seen also.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Show Unexplored Stories of Secondary Characters



The luminary creator of the Dragon Ball manga, Akira Toriyama, shared new information about the upcoming action RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Via the Bandai Namco Twitter account, Toriyama revealed that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will depict the backstories of several secondary protagonists. This means that the game will diverge from the story of the manga and give greater insight into Dragon Ball‘s many supporting characters. While a plethora of games depict the events of the Dragon Ball franchise, only a few of them meaningfully expand upon the story’s events, characters, and world.

Toriyama describes Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as a “fresh new take on the franchise.” Even though Toriyama rarely contributes to Dragon Ball games, he did create much of the lore in the now-defunct MMO Dragon Ball Online, which heavily influenced the story of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. While not much information is available about Kakarot and Toriyama’s involvement at this time, the title does have an early 2020 release date and a fishing mechanic.

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