Some major news for fans of The Walking Dead has just been revealed by Telltale during their SDCC panel. Clementine, who played a major supporting role in the first season of the game, has been confirmed to be a part of season 2. Telltale also announced that Kenny’s fate would be explored at some point during the course of the second season. It is not clear yet if they will be included as playable characters or if they will retain their NPC status, though the use of character swapping in The Walking Dead: 400 Days could indicate Telltale’s intention to use more than one playable character in season 2.

Telltale also revealed that the PS Vita would be a launch platform for season 2, unlike with the first season which has yet to be released for the Vita, but has an estimated release date of August. Telltale is aiming for a Season 2 release this Fall. Keep your eyes on OnlySP for all the latest The Walking Dead coverage.


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