Tequila Works’s new project, GYLT, provides an opportunity to explore dark, macabre topics in a refreshingly expressively way.

GYLT delves into the dark and macabre via a unique take on the horror genre. Raúl Rubio, CEO and creative director at Tequila Works spoke at Gamescom 2019 about how the game tackles horror.

Rubio described GYLT as a “delicate horror,” whereby the studio focused on pairing colourful expression with the horror genre.

“In horror, you can create a dance, a dance of the macabre […] At the end, we want you to transmit that you are going through this world facing, not hiding,[…] how you in fact step up and face your own fears.”

Rubio explained the story aims to teach players the importance of uncovering and facing their  fears. GYLT uses common childhood symbols of fear for adults to reflect on their own fears, such as public exposure.

“The horrors that lurk in the shadows, maybe you expose them to the light of truth, that means they are powerless, and if they are powerless they are no longer a monster.”

Rubio hopes to create a world full of challenge by removing the simplicity of an innocent girl vs big bad nightmare enemies. He confirmed that whilst the protagonist Sally is experiencing these fears, she is certainly not a victim. Furthermore, in some circumstances she can be the aggressor and the nightmares are the victims.

According to the game’s website, the story offers “a journey where you face your worst fears and are confronted with the emotional impact of your actions. Set in a creepy and melancholic world, GYLT is an eerie story mixing fantasy and reality in a surrealist place where your nightmares become reality.”

Players will take control of a young girl as she explores a dark, desolate version of the real world, searching for her missing cousin, Emily. The world is populated by creatures and shadowy figures conjured from fears and nightmares.

The story-led studio is set to release GYLT exclusively on Google Stadia, but the game may become available on other platforms at a later date.

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