New Trailer for The Black Masses Boasts Detailed Medieval Environments

The Black Masses logo

The upcoming first-person medieval open world RPG, The Black Masses, has a new trailer detailing some luscious washed out medieval environments and architecture, as well as a hint of the title’s antagonists.

The majority of the trailer looks at the open-world environments, which takes place on a 16-square-kilometre island with a variety of landscapes, from deserted castles to grey beaches. The texture detail and quality looks especially impressive, with the quiet woods and castle corridors being a highlight.

The trailer takes a turn, however, towards the end, where swathes of undead invade these previously peaceful buildings and vistas. Players are expected to fight off these enemies with the overarching objective of finding the origin of the demonic horde.

A parkour system will be included, which Brilliant Game Studios, the developer, describes as “revolutionary.” Some RPG-lite mechanics will also be present within the title, including levelling up and a skill system.

The project is a follow-up to the developer’s 2017 game Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, where the studio appears to have learnt how to properly translate hordes of enemies to responsive and rewarding gameplay.

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