How The Council Adds RPG Elements to the Narrative Adventure

Big Bad Wolf Studios has revealed how it is adding RPG elements to its upcoming narrative adventure, The Council, to put a new spin on the genre.

The game will loosely follow the model set out by Telltale’s graphic-novel-inspired projects, presenting players with a story that is heavily affected by choice. However, The Council will increase the amount of agency through the inclusion of classes and skills, which will determine the actions the protagonist, Louis Mauras de Richet, is able to take.

In the beginning, players will choose between having Louis as a detective, diplomat, or occultist, with that choice making the relevant skills easier to upgrade, but the class is not fixed. Instead, players will have the freedom to pick and choose between the fifteen skills at will, tailoring the experience to the individual’s style. Use of the skills will be limited by Effort Points, curtailing the ability to play out of character, while Talents are passive buffs that provide unique bonuses to help with a playthrough.

The Council is an episodic adventure that has visitors exploring a mysterious mansion off the coast of England near the turn of the 19th century. The game will include both fictional characters and historical personages such as Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington as they gather at the behest of an enigmatic aristocrat.

The first episode, ‘The Mad Ones’, is scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 13, and four additional episodes are currently planned to launch throughout the year.

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