Those looking to play Tom Clancy’s The Division as a single player title will be able to do so according to a new developer Q&A released by Ubisoft Massive yesterday.

While The Division may be more of a multiplayer centric title, it seems that Ubisoft Massive are taking into account players who want to play the game alone, or may not have the option to play the game online.

A user named dark_grom asked if players can “jump between “single player mode” and multiplayer mode with the same character”. According to the Ubisoft Massive representative answering the questions, “The game is built around seamless online integration. Going from playing alone, to playing in a group, to playing PvP will all be handled with very little or no interruption.”

If you’re wondering what he means by seamless integration, Need for Speed: Rivals is a game that featured seamless integration wherein you could instantly jump from playing alone to playing online with another group of players. The difference between the two, according to Ubisoft is that “there won’t be any offline support” for The Division.

We reached out to Ubisoft to see if we could gather some more details on how the game would change if played as a single player title, but the development team currently isn’t talking details at the moment, so it may be a while before we hear any big new details on The Division in regards to its single player components.

There’s still no word on the release date for The Division either as the developers are looking to simutaneously release the game across the PC and Next-Gen platforms rather than stagger the releases as many next-gen games have done ala Titanfall PC, XB1 and Xbox 360 releases.




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  1. I think I hear an interview about dark zones you just have to stay away if you dont want PvP

    1. Yup, you are correct on that part. We’re hoping to talk to the dev team soon to talk about SP components.

      1. I’m looking foward to it! :D

  2. “There won’t be any offline support.” #dealwithit

    Oh well, can’t have everything. :)

  3. single player is important component of any game with great story elements.Developers will make great mistake if they neglect single player.

  4. Not all games are the same. And in this game it seems you can play with a clan or as a loner but you’ll always be online. That seems like this is kinda the point of this game. its gonna be awesome =D

    1. being a loner on this game will be will have groups/clans jsut attackign you and you have no way to fight back..this could of been an amazing story mode game but another online only game like titanfal lwill ruin it

  5. This is going to be badass. I wonder how big server capacity will be?

  6. This game is at the top of my list for Xbox One, just slightly above Quantum Break.

  7. I bet for multi-player mode, you’ll need PSN+ or XBLG and it maybe the case for single player mode. Bet it’s also the case with The Crew.

  8. I assume “there won’t be any offline support” means The Division will be an online only game. A gutsy move for a console release. Even Activision won’t pull the plug on an offline single player component in Call of Duty and it appears Respawn Entertainment underestimated the importance of a single player mode in Titanfall.

    1. hilariously underestimated, a sequel in the works already. Respawn can easily release a single player campaign as DLC in episodes like the walking dead game to prolong the life of titanfall… but some people aren’t smart enough to realize this.

      Actually I don’t even blame respawn for ditching the single player campaign. I blame whiny fanboys “WHAAA WHAAA WE DON’T NEED NO SINGLE PLAYER WHAA WHAA” outcry, although said outcry is slightly muffled by a mouthful of doritos.

  9. Seems like a pretty big letdown. I don’t want a online only because that means that when the game sells all it is going to sell, the servers will likely end up being shut down, meaning a digital paperweight.

    If the single player and multiple can be separate and allow for true offline, then people will at least be able to experience the story and campaign even if the servers die. furthermore, you will not have issues of connection issues ruining a single player experience.

    1. Not likely as many games that are pretty much dead still have online.

      1. Some multiplayer games will have online play for a very long time because the company will generally run a a few official servers, but allow people to run their own dedicated servers. This significantly reduces their costs as they are largely an address book. (for companies that do this, the same server IP will generally be handling the server browsers and matchmaking for dozens of games at the same time. For an MMO, it is different, it requires dedicated hosting and more throguhput. Servers for popular MMO’s will often end up in internet backbone datacenters where the going rate to be allowed to stuff your server box into one of their racks with its own dedicated 1 gigabit link to their backbone, is around $3000 per month. If a MMO is generating enough income to cover the cost of the servers and turn a profit, then they keep running. The issue is when you have games where there is a one time large payment, you end up with a massive amount of money early on, and a few months to a few years down the line when sales per month drops below the cost of running the servers, then the game becomes a financial burden. at that point, the execs get together and discuss plans to kill off the servers because they are no loner generating a profit.

        While they can try to generate money using DLC, the income is not guaranteed as from each user, another option is to do the warframe route and cripple older guns while selling new guns for real money, and thus pushing people to dump more real money into the game, but that will be hated by people who have paid good money for the game.

        Overall, once sales die down and the game hits the bargain bin, it will no longer be pulling in truckloads of cash and it will shift to becoming a financial burden on the company, and as we all know, the goal of a business is to make money, and spending thousands per month on keeping servers running for a game that is not getting enough new sales, will not be financially beneficial to the company.

    2. You nailed it. This is pretty much THE reason why I can’t stand online-only games, they make you stay dependent on an internet collection and like you said, the game is a guaranteed paperweight. It’s even worse than that. Some games now (i.e Titanfall) require an internet connection AND a connection to other people just to play the damn thing (so you wouldnt be able to play with just friends or yourself against bots, or even check out the maps in peace).

      It’s sad people support them so much…it’s not good for single-player or multiplayer gamers…

    3. Maybe what they are saying is that you need an internet connection, but not Xbox live gold to play. So there will be single player it just doesn’t support “offline.” Idk. At least that is what I’d like to think….

  10. Should make it like SOCOM single and online game play

  11. What they are saying is you will need to be connected to the internet for single player, not necessarily a multiplayer server… At least I hplope that’s what I hope they are saying…

    1. Thats probably it. It will probably be like how the new SimCity was when it first came out. You had to be connected to the internet to play single player. They said it was their way to stop Piracy, but a few months later they released an update, so people could play the game without being connected to the internet. We will see I guess.

  12. Hmm, I only just became aware of this site. Loving it so far. It’s nice to see more single-player game fans out there. Also very happy to see Disqus being used instead of the slow and extremely buggy LiveFyre for comments.

    I’ll take a SP game of finite length with an engaging story over a “highly replayable” (aka repetitive) MP game any day.

  13. I would rather just play a real single-player game instead of trying to play an online game in a way that isn’t intended.

  14. Sadly, if Division need online only, I DO NOT BUY IT!

    1. same with me, I was disappointed the divison only for multiplayer

  15. i dont mind online. but i also very much desire a single player experience as well. what if i’m traveling or out of the country ?
    what if i don’t want to hassle with online ?

    If there isn’t a single player game that can be played offline. I won’t be buying it.

  16. Well this sucks..i was hyped to play this on ps4 but now i can’t if u can only play online :S At the apartment i live atm i can only use 4G USB-Internet..
    I really wanted to play this game.

  17. I was really looking forward to this game. I’m done now. This is another “Destiny”. Good thing is that I save $65.

  18. People are concerned about the DRM that Ubisoft have been pushing, so they push all their games to online, build it into the gameplay and try to make it appear 100% needed, then they can watch you as you connect to their servers. I’m getting more and more disappointed with this company.

  19. Online only games are just another way for companies to make a quick buck since you don’t have to put effort into it unlike a great single player game. They can fool those who don’t play video games all that much but they can’t fool me.

  20. This sucks. Not buying it now.

  21. Someone needs to start a petition about the single-player mode so it can be played offline, there are so many people saying how disappointed they are..including me about this scheme to incorporate and MAKE you go online to play..what happens when the servers go down, they wont be able to have the servers up for very long if not many people buy this game and play, because there will be a great deal of people who will want to play single-player for their own reasons. yes i know that they dont really care except for making profit, they just make appealing games for the sake of profit and money. unlike CDPR, they should really look into DRM free and actually try to show they care not JUST about money, of-course though that does come into account but it should be 50-50 or 60-40 at least. i bet they would get more sales and possibly more awards which goes to their credit

  22. Well, I miss those days when single player is a big thing. You have a good story line, a long one. It’s like the art of a game. Multiplayer only makes gamers getting tired of the game faster. SINGLE PLAYER NEEDS A COMEBACK!

    1. I completely agree. I have no problems with multiplayer, I do enjoy a good online game every now and then. But I grew up with all the old consoles from the 80’s and 90’s. So I am and always will be a single player gamer at heart, and while there are still a few game developers out there that focus primarily on single player it just seems like it’s a dying breed and it’s a damn shame… Plus as stated in another comment made not everyone has online access me included. Sometimes I go without internet for a week or two and even longer and for someone like me that’s a no go. I simply will not purchase a game at full price for something I’m forced to be online to play. I know, I know “DON’T BUY THE GAME THAN!” which is what I’ll do.

    2. It did seem like single-player games were sidelined in the second half of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. There were many series that were previously single-player only that were “Now with online multiplayer” or had been changed like Dead Space 3 to focus less on SP.

      On the plus side it does seem like single-player games are coming back. Assassin’s Creed has dropped multiplayer and went back to being SP only like it was to begin with. I think companies are starting to realise that their games will never be the “next Call of Duty” and won’t match Call of Duty’s sales just by including multiplayer.

  23. I’m so not buying this anymore! Damn you Ubisoft! Don’t these people think of others who can’t play online??? Same as with TES Online!

    1. Agreed.

    2. Playing online was really the only thing TES:O was meant for. There’s still the main single-player TES series and The Elder Scrolls VI will be released at some point. Considering how successful Skyrim was I would be surprised if the main series didn’t continue. 20+ million sales for a SP only game shows that people still want to play single-player games.

  24. Honestly, I just wasted all my damn money on buying a stupid PS4 with barely any single player/offline co-op gameplay!

    1. Explore our site a bit more, I’m sure you’ll find something that piques your interest!

  25. I hope they will change this Ubisoft would be stupid to do this. If the servers go down for a while they would have people mad at them.

  26. It’s a simple cop out to have online only, or games built around online. We don’t want to always plays online we want to be able to pick up. A game, play it alone, not with little 12 year old asswipes screaming into the headset. Fffuuuccck man bring back single player as a main mode

  27. Good thing fallout is coming soon :)

  28. Petition for AC:Syndicate online only someone wants to vote.And ofc we must stop pirating by making Online Only Game.I forgot that THE REAL companies care about stories CDPR,Bethesda (somewhat EA BF series and Mass Effect).Sadly i wont waste money on The Division i was really having ”hopes” that it will be post-apocalyptic story of some sort.

    R.I.P Story Lines 2014-2018

  29. I hope there is a story mode single player option or this will not be for me!

  30. Another Game I won’t buy….

  31. Beta was great, playing alone was fun as hell the story is there. So what it’s online only, play on pc to avoid the 12 year olds. Most young people will have a console rather than gaming rig. If it’s a problem cause you only have a cell service, well switch to sprint which has unlimited data. There is always a way, quit whining. I also grew up with all the single player games through the 80’s and 90’s, but fact of the matter is all games are eventually going to go online only. Whining about it won’t stop that.

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