When you look at the GIFs below you’ll be shaking your head wondering just how a team of less than ten people are doing this.

Well, as you know there was a bit of drama this morning resolving around The Forest’s Early Access release date. Only four days away from release, the team at Endnight Games decided they would need some extra time to hamper out a few more issues with the game before its initial release. The Forest will now release on May 30th, 8 days later than the original 22nd date so it’s not that bad. The full statement from Endnight can be read just below.

Hey Everyone,

We are releasing this month! A couple days later than our target date to fix some last minute issues. We’re going to be out on May30th! We’re really excited about the release, it’s going to be awesome.


In addition, the team rendered out some new animated shots of The Forest which do a swell job of showing off just how beautiful the game really is. We cannot wait to get our hands on The Forest and do some preview coverage so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our first impressions on the game when it releases.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Gimme…..gimme…gimme…….!!

  2. And console noobs say PC has no games.

    If this was on console it would be internet-killing news.

    1. This is just another indie horror title. don’t these come out every week on PC?

      1. Have you read up on details on the game lppoletta? This is not just another indie horror title. It’s a lot more than just that, I suggest you learn more about it, you might be more intrigued :)

    2. pc gets alot of games not sure who told you that but they dont know much.

      and pc has alot of indie horror titles.

  3. sigh… why am I not surprised. Usually when a target date is announced, I would calculate it with a few grace period in between. How long is the grace period? About 2-4 months for big AAA titles and about 2 weeks or less for indie games. I never take what they announced at face value.

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