UPDATE: Tara seems to have removed her Tweets about the delay, we are working to get in contact with her and Endnight games to see what’s going on.

UPDATE 2: The store page has been updated to say “coming soon” now, rather than having the actual May 22nd release date listed. So it looks like this delay is confirmed. Still no comment from the developers. For those of you commenting that this is fake, why would we post fake news about this? We know you’re excited for the game, and we’re just as confused as you are about what’s going on. We’re doing our job and reporting on it, that’s all.

Welp, that’s a bummer.

It seems The Forest will miss its May 22nd release date on Early Access according to Tara, whose currently the PR representative for Endnight Games. According to Tara, the development team is not comfortable with releasing the Alpha just yet and have decided to delay it just four days ahead of its release.

@SirRyuu There are some members of the team that are uncomfortable with the current state of the alpha.

— Tara (@Skunkie) May 19, 2014

A new date is being looked at as they hope to release the alpha this month, but that date is not set in stone.

@theforestpc @randomfrankp We’re going to be shooting for the 30th. But it is not set firmly. — Tara (@Skunkie) May 19, 2014

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  1. WHY FOR FUCK SAKE, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Is your game so terrible you want to delay an pre-alpha release?! WHAT THE FUCK

  2. Oh for gods sake not so late! People will have booked the day off!

  3. this journalist is full of shit .. there is no delay . go suck a big one idiot.

  4. Yea pretty unprofessional to delay last minute and not even make an official statement…..

    1. I’m just confused by the fact they’re deleting forum threads on the topic over at Steam. Not really sure what that’s all about.

      1. Woah, seriously? That’s suspicious. And unprofessional.

  5. Well this has completely F**ked my week up, i had the 22nd and 23rd off work for this. Now it’s to late to get the time back.. What a waste of time off… FFS

    1. Damn dude, that SUCKS. I’m sorry I know how that feels to completely waste days you save up.

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