The Forest is something we’re all looking forward to here at OnlySP. You only need to look at the screenshots to realise why — it’s dark, scary, atmospheric and very very pretty. But what makes it even more impressive is the size of the team.

Ben Falconer from SKS recently talked to us about The Forest and revealed a startling fact; all the work done on The Forest is being done by a core team of three.

“We have three full time members,” Falconer told us, “and also some outsourced artists and programmers who are helping us with various systems and assets.”

With a full time development team of three, SKS are working hard to produce a horror game that is gorgeous and engaging. Whether the small core team will be capable of adequately creating something to scare our socks off is a question — and although a slight delay from the end of last year to sometime early this year is indeed an unwanted development — the game so far looks very promising.

We’ll keep you updated on all the details on The Forest as they come.

Lachlan Williams
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