The Forest is easily one of our most anticipated games here at OnlySP. We’ve done a few interviews now with the team and learned just about all we can about the project, now we’re just waiting to get our hands on it, which should hopefully be very soon.

According to Ben Falcone, the project’s lead developer, The Forest will only cost gamers about $15 when it’s released, which is mighty surprising considering how good the game looks.


@ArturoSolano10 it’s going to be around $15

— ben falcone (@benfalcone1) January 14, 2014


For the amount of content the game is planning to provide, I certainly think the developers could charge more for the project, but hey, at such a low price point more gamers will be enticed to pick it up. Falcone also expressed interest in doing a PS4 port of the game, but due to the teams small size, only three full-time members to be exact, they can only focus on one version of the game at a time. No mention of an Xbox One port was made at this time.


@bengriffin2414 we’d love to do a ps4 port, but with such a small team our focus is on the PC version

— ben falcone (@benfalcone1) January 14, 2014


The Forest will also support game pads, so if you prefer to play PC games that way you can.


@DYLANmmc yep we have gamepad support

— ben falcone (@benfalcone1) January 14, 2014


It shouldn’t be long now before we finally get to test out the game for ourselves. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on The Forest and a review of the game when it’s released.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. I’d pay 1500 for fucks sake just let me play it now!! Honestly though I can’t see myself playing this game with a controller even though I prefer them

  2. Please Finish The Game And Make A PS4 Port please

  3. Please Finish The Game And Make A PS4 Port please

  4. Please make a ps4 port with the money you guys earned by the PC version you could make it , if you guys do a ps4 port you will earn 3 times the money PC earned you

  5. ps4 please

  6. my PC is absolute crap but i wanna play this game looks really fun so if a PS4 port happens to be made ill pick it up no doubt

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