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Director of The Last Night Reveals Crippling Development Delays



The Last Night

Tim Soret, founder of Odd Tales, recently tweeted an explanation of the struggles that his studio’s new indie title, The Last Night, faced in 2018.

According to Soret, Odd Tales encountered numerous issues throughout the game’s development in 2018. Details of these complications come sparsely due to business and legal matters that Soret claims he cannot speak openly about.

Such matters have led to funding issues, and Odd Tales is now publicly raising money in hopes to press forward with The Last Night‘s development.

The Last Night is a 2.5D cinematic platformer where society has been taken over by computers and machinery. As described by Soret himself, the game explores “a free-to-live world of endless, personalized consumption of content generated by artificial intelligence where Charlie, the main character, lets his loneliness and social isolation transform into bitterness and resentment.”

The title takes inspiration from Flashback, a 1992 science-fiction platformer and one of the first games to popularize cinematic gameplay.

The Last Night was originally expected to release in 2018, and no further word of an updated timeline has been disclosed by Odd Tales. The project is set to for release on Xbox and PC.

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Gearbox: Borderlands 3 Will Support Cross-Play Post Launch



borderlands 3

In a recent reveal from Gearbox, Borderlands 3 was confirmed to eventually support cross-platform play.

The news came from Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, via Twitter in response to fan speculation earlier in the week. While the team is looking into ways of introducing cross-play to Borderlands 3, the much-desired feature will not be available at launch. Pitchford did not disclose what timeframe players can expect to receive support.

The tweet arrived before the release of a fun musical “So Happy Together” trailer (below). The video did not show anything in terms of gameplay, though, the theme of togetherness coinciding with the cross-play news was a nice touch.

Recently, Gearbox shared some screenshots of the game’s world, so be sure to check those out here.

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