Different Internet addicts choose different ways to relax online. Some of them chat with friends or look for new audio hits online and others play video games. It is up to you to decide what kind of entertainment is the best for you. There are a lot of video games on the web. But here are those which you will be confused about.

Talk about Climax. You have never had your jaw drop watching such a cinematic video game like this one. Never before has a game so graphically simulated first person mounting and execution of a sexual encounter quite like this. The gamers find themselves topping the leader of the natives. At the moment that things seem like they might heat back up again citra plunges an eight inch dagger into your heart.

If you are not ready to see such scenes, you should better spend a few hours by watching different movies or playing casino games such as at CasinoMonster. But if such vulgar RPGs do not hurt your morality, go on reading!

GTA: San Andreas. There really is not anywhere to start with the Grand Theft Auto franchise when it comes to shocking. Each game finds something new and delightful twisted to bring to the table when it comes to sex and brutality, commonly the two things happening at the same time. That was not taken into account when 2005’s GTA: San Andreas was given its original M rating. Using a simple downloaded mod, players can unlock this previously hidden code and engage in graphical sexual exploits with female characters. The scenes were so graphic, and the mod so widely spread that the game had to be re-rated. This game was the first blockbuster to receive an Adults Only rating.


Going Postal. In 1997 postal made waves as being spectacularly pointless in its use of violence, crude languages and just general awfulness. Being a postal worker, the player kills as many people as he can. The game was given a sequel in 2004 which furthered the depravity by allowing you to engage in such activities as urinating on corpse and using cats as silencers for your weapons. Within a year of the game’s release, it had been banned in several countries for its “gross, abhorrent content”. There was probably no surprise for its creators.

Daddy’s Little Girl. The most of the entries in this video are jarring in their violence and sexuality. The video game itself excels in the action genre for its use of characters and twists. Its most shocking moments get you right in the beginning of the game. It starts off in a more mundane fashion with the player controlling the action of a young girl named Sarah as the world begins its quick descent into chaos. As the action ramps up, Sarah finds herself fleeing from civilization with her father and a family friend. They are stopped by a soldier with orders to stop all the civilians. Before anyone has time to discuss properly the situation, the soldier opens fire hitting Sarah. The poor girl dies in her father’s arms. The scene is absolutely devastating and enough to bring just about any player to tears.

If you have strong nerves, have a nice playing!

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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