The Stranded Sails Teaser Trailer Explores an Idyllic Archipelago

The teaser trailer for Stranded Sails, from the German publisher, Rokapubliush shows off open-world exploration and laid-back farming, promising fun adventure in a charming package.

Stranded Sails sees players and the crew of their ship washed up on the shores of a mysterious archipelago. As the son of the injured captain, the player will indulge in a little bit of harmless nepotism as they take charge of the crew and attempt to establish a self-sustaining camp. Players will explore the game’s many islands, solve puzzles, and stumble upon ancient mysteries as they attempt to build themselves a new ship.

Developed by Dusseldorf-based Lemonbomb Entertainment, Stranded Sails requires the player to focus first on survival by setting up a camp and foraging for food and resources. Eventually, the player will need to build a farm and start planting and growing crops. Keeping crew members happy and well-fed is essential, as the player is then free to delve deeper into the wilderness and explore the game’s seven islands at their leisure.

Stranded Sails promises a relaxed, open world farming adventure with story-driven quests, tricky puzzles, and a full day and night cycle. The game is slated for release on PC sometime in Q2 2019.

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