The Astronauts are currently hard at work prepping The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for a PS4 release, but they’ve also been rather quiet on a few details regarding the development of the game.

According to The Astronaut’s Twitter feed, they have ported The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to the Unreal Engine 4 for the PS4 build. As revealed by the tweet, the Unreal Engine 3 does not support next-generation consoles which was the main reason for the move.

But, this has also given The Astronauts a chance to learn Unreal Engine 4 on the fly as well according to their account.

The Astronauts are currently testing builds of TVoEC on the PS4, so the game should be nearing completion. Hopefully we’ll be getting a release date announcement soon as I’m itching to play the game on my PS4. Stay tuned to OnlySP for further news on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s PS4 port.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. “As revealed by the tweet, the Unreal Engine 3 does not support next-generation consoles which was the main reason for the move.”

    That’s not true. Blacklight: Retribution uses UE3. They were the primary developers in porting the engine to PS4 in the first place. Games like Routine prove yourselves wrong.

    1. Blacklight was ported to UE4 for the PS4. And Routine is also not in development for the PS4 yet and is running on UE3 for the PC.

      Developers can use UE3 on the next-Gen consoles but they have to prioritize it themselves and make changes within the source code. Rocksteady has done this for Batman: Arkham Knight.

      1. I don’t even understand the difference in what it can do for you? Can UE4 out perform its predecessor UE3? So.. are they handicapping theirselves by using the 3rd iteration, instead of the 4th? Whats the pro’s and con’s? I don’t know.. and I am honestly asking for the answer. I would love to increase my knowledge.. Maybe someone that can put it into lay mans terms.. so I can understand it better.. I don’t think I would understand some of the responses if I googled it.

  2. Unreal Engine does work on next gen. Guilty Gear Xrd is powered by Unreal engine 3 and looks fantastic

    1. Yes, it works if developers tailor it to do so.

  3. Arkham knight is made with UE3

    1. Rocksteady is using a version of UE3 that they’ve modified themselves. As long as you modify the source of code UE3, it can run on current-gen consoles. UE4 just runs on them out-of-the-box.

      1. i have a hard time believing that story i dont think microsoft n sony would make a billion dollar machine that doesnt run ue3 and it seems easier to optimize ue3 than to port the all game to ue4′ im confused.

        1. If developers want to use UE3 on the next-gen consoles, they need to go into the engine and change the source code to tailor it to do so. UE3 was designed for the PS3, Xbox 360 era, not the PS4 and Xbox One. Hence, UE4.

    2. They use a custom engine of the UE3. Its more like a UE3.5

      1. Yeah, Ubi has been doing that with Splinter Cell and Rainbow 6 for years, with UE2. Sadly, it really showed with their most recent games. The Astronauts probably don’t have someone on staff who was comfortable going with that solution, and determined it was easier/quicker to port to UE4.

      2. yes but still ue3

        1. Rocksteady fully licensed UE3 and it’s source code. What we see in Arkham Knight is a modified version of the Epic’s original UE3, so they’re not really comparable anymore.

  4. Independent Polish group of urban explorers, called >Adventure Hunters<, prepared and published movie showing outstandingly beautiful and mysterious places, which were an inspiration for game creators from The Astronauts studio:

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