In a short new interview with Eurogamer, Adrian Chmielarz revealed some new details about The Astronauts first title, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

If you don’t know anything about The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, feel free to read our exclusive interview with Chmielarz about the game right here.

Moving on, in the interview with Eurogamer, Chmielarz revealed that The Vanishing of Ethan Carter should be ready to be released in about “four months”.  Chmielarz explains, “We are going to have probably the worst possible release date, which is the middle of summer…It’s hot and it’s summer – do you really want to play a game about autumn?”

In addittion to finally giving us a time frame for when the game should be made available, Chmielarz also discussed the development teams plans to bring the game to the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Initially Sony was just amazing. I know it’s their business – they smile because they want to make business. I’m just happy that they’re smiling. They were talking to us and they were very responsive and we got the kits and it’s like… it’s unbelievable. Microsoft was a little bit quiet, but it’s changed lately. Microsoft got this big wakeup call I think. We are on good terms with both sides.”

Chmielarz also notes his dislike of the parity clause that Microsoft is currently enforcing on indie games that are brought to the console saying, “The only thing that needs to happen is Microsoft has to drop the whole… you have to be first on their console.”

Obviously a good number of indie developers agree with that statement and hopefully we’ll see it dropped sooner than later as the Xbox is missing out on quite a few upcoming indie games because of it.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed on all the latest with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, currently, is only confirmed for the PC.

Nick Calandra
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