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VR Spellcasting Title The Wizards Adds Arena Mode

Carbon Studio’s virtual reality spellcaster title The Wizards has received its second major content update.

The new Arena Mode gives players the chance to fight endless hordes of enemies within two new battle arenas, competing with other players on a global scoreboard. The mode also introduces new levels, enemy types, Fate Cards, and a progression system independent of the main campaign. Each arena features a unique objective for players to complete while focusing upon the main goal—staying alive as long as possible.

Arena Mode is the second major update for The Wizards during its Early Access period. The first update introduced free locomotion, a feature heavily requested by players. According to the Carbon Studio’s manager Pawel Gajda, “with the free locomotion update, our goal was to address players requests for free movement and enhance the feeling of exploration. This time, our focus was on delivering replay value. Arena mode challenges players to master their skills and compete with other players.”

The Wizards is a VR-spellcaster set in a fantasy word, placing gamers in the body of a young sorcerer traveling through time to protect the Realm of Men from destructive enemy forces. Visiting different lands and facing deadly opponents, players weave magical spells with their hands, mastering increasingly powerful magic through practice and discipline. Special Fate Cards allow players to modify the game to suit their desires, increasing or decreasing the difficulty and gameplay rules.

Built in Unreal Engine 4, The Wizards is the second virtual reality title by Poland-based Carbon Studio, and came to life during the VR Funhouse Game Jam, when a team from Carbon Studio created a prototype spellcasting game using motion controllers. The studio’s first game, Alice VR,  premiered in October 2016 on Steam and GOG.com.

Interested gamers can find The Wizards on Steam and the Oculus store for USD$19.99.

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