Apologies on the rubbish phone camera quality picture.

So here’s the thing – there’s a local video rental store up the road. It’s part of a reasonably sized chain in Australia – not a huge thing, but big enough to have their own free magazine to promote their rental stock. Video Vibes, the magazine is called. In it, they write articles and reviews about various forms of entertainment they will be stocking in the coming month. Including games.

I picked up the September issue of the free magazine today on a whim, and over lunch I flicked through the pages looking for an interesting film to ignore until it comes to a streaming service. Naturally, I found my eyes wandering to the games review section of the magazine and what should I see? A review of Beyond: Two Souls!

You can read the entire “review” of the game in the below picture:

Apologies on the rubbish phone camera quality picture.

Apologies on the rubbish phone camera quality picture.

Also in this issue – Scribblenauts Unmasked got an 8.8, Skylanders Swap Force got an 8.1, Disney Planes received 7.8, and Just Dance 2014 got an 8.4.

Now, I don’t want to rubbish anyone else’s work, but details about the gameplay are somewhat scant for a review. Still, it’s billed as a review, and Beyond is apparently worth a 9/10.

I did my due diligence and gave Sony’s representatives a call. According to them, no review copies of Beyond: Two Souls have been sent out yet. To anyone.

So there it is. The world’s first “review” of Beyond: Two Souls. A piece with little detail in a free magazine that is essentially an advertising pamphlet written by someone who has almost certainly never played the full game.

We’ll see what the rest of the world thinks about Beyond: Two Souls when it releases on the 8th/9th of October.

Source: Video Vibes

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  1. i’m still getting this game.
    love Heavy Rain, you get to be the player and a director at the same time.

    i wonder how this would play out in Beyond.

  2. That isn’t a review, it’s a blurb!

    1. Other than the fact that it says 9.0/10 at the top right.

    2. Realy how so ps3 fanboy?

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