This War of Mine

Developer 11 bit studios has released the first in a series of upcoming ‘Stories’ expansion packs to 2014’s grim survival simulator, This War of Mine.

Similarly to last year’s ‘The Little Ones’ DLC, ‘Father’s Promise’ shows the conflict of the game base from a new perspective. In this case, players assume the role of Adam, a father seeking a way to escape the war-torn city alongside his daughter. The story is based on audio drama by the award-winning polish novelist Łukasz Orbitowski, and should retain the same dark tone of the base game.

However, more than simply expanding on the existing story and themes, 11 bit studios is adding new mechanics into the ‘Stories’ DLC episodes, with new dialogue and clue-searching elements being built into ‘Father’s Promise’. Furthermore, this first episode will see the remastering of five locations from the original release, as well as the addition of four completely new areas.

‘Father’s Promise’ is only the first of the new expansions, with two more set to arrive next year, with the three being referred to specifically as “the first season of This War of Mine: ‘Stories’,” suggesting that more small-scale DLC will continued to be released for the game in the coming months and years.

‘Father’s Promise’ is currently available for USD$1.99/£1.69, while a season pass is also available for $4.99/£3.99.

Alongside these new expansions, 11 bit studios is also working on a more expansive survival/city-builder hybrid game called Frostpunk. OnlySP recently spoke to that game’s Senior Producer Błażej Żywiczyński to learn more about how the team is balancing the demands of two very different genres.

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