Alone in the Dark

THQ Nordic Adds Alone in the Dark to its Stable of Franchises

THQ Nordic has announced the acquisition of another classic gaming IP in the form of the seminal survival horror franchise Alone in the Dark.

The company has also picked up the licence to Act of War, a 2005 real-time strategy game. Both of these IPs were previously owned by Atari.

While Act of War is a standalone game, Alone in the Dark is a well-established multimedia franchise. Released in 1992, the first game in the series was the first 3D survival horror game and was extremely well regarded at the time. However, subsequent entries have failed to adhere to the same standard. The last big-budget Alone in the Dark game was 2008’s eponymous effort, which received generally poor reviews resulting from myriad bugs and glitches.

Alone in the Dark’s most recent entry was the online-oriented Illumination, which was widely lambasted.

THQ Nordic’s latest acquisition follows the Kingdoms of Amalur licence earlier this month.

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