Todd Howard Confirms Future Bethesda Titles Will Be Single Player

Since Fallout 76‘s multiplayer-focused reveal, anxieties have been raised regarding Bethesda’s future support of the single-player platform.

In an interview with GameStar, director and executive producer Todd Howard attempted to quell worries with news that future mainline Bethesda projects will be single player.

“For those games, we want to keep them as single player,” Howard said. “That is what our focus is going to be. If they have some social aspect we haven’t designed yet, you’ll see. But we treat each of them each as their own thing.”

76, contrary to single-player’s hysteria, can be enjoyed as a solo experience, but early indications suggest the title can only be fully enjoyed in mutiplayer. Thankfully, Bethesda’s future titles—including The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield—will return to the developer’s roots.

Howard also commented on 76‘s engine, putting to bed the popular notion that the studio is running off a decade old engine. He stated that the engine has been continually updated for years, with 76 sporting a new renderer, lighting, and landscape generation tools. TES VI and Starfield will see further refinements.

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