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Top Five Single Player Games to Look Out For in February



Congratulations Single Players, you’ve made it to the second month of the year! Yes, February is here and with our resolutions well and truly failed now we look towards the coming 29 days (hello leap year!) for some fantastic games to enjoy. We have a problem however, February looks so good that we couldn’t decide on three games so we’ve squeezed in two more! We’ve got five incredibly different games to whet your appetite with, and we start off in Wyoming! (Stick with us on this one…)


(Release: February 9 on Playstation 4 and PC)

The debut game from developers Campo Santo, this first-person adventure game is set in the aftermath of the Yellowstone Fires which caused untold havoc across Yellowstone National Park for several months of 1988. Taking place the year after, Firewatch is played through the eyes of Henry, who shares a Bioshock-style relationship through a walkie-talkie with his supervisor Delilah. Delilah assists Henry is unravelling the mysterious events that surround the tower in Shoshone National Forest in which he is assigned.

Henry and Delilah’s relationship is determined by the player’s choices through dialogue, including ignoring her altogether. This aspect most likely derives from the Campo Santo founders’ previous roles as they both worked together on Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The art design for Firewatch is almost like witnessing a moving painting, with gameplay akin to the point-and-click games that have made their resurgence in the past few years. You can see over 15 minutes of gameplay right here.



(Release: February 5 on PC)

Releasing exclusively for PC once again (which will cause absolutely no arguments whatsoever from fans…), X-COM 2 is actually the ninth full release in the X-COM series and is the direct sequel to X-COM: Enemy Unknown, released in 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Considered somewhat of a pioneer for turn-based tactical strategy games, X-COM is well-known for its difficulty as well as its fight against an overwhelming alien race – and X-COM 2 looks to be no different.

Taking place 20 years after its predecessor, in X-COM 2, humanity has fallen to the aliens and X-COM has become a distant memory to most. The player takes control of the Commander of the Avenger, a mobile base for the remnants of X-COM, with the objective to take their home planet back as opposed to defending it as in the previous installment. Firaxis Games have backed their decision to develop XCOM 2 purely for PC by promising procedural maps, meaning that the basis for each area will be specifically designed, but the details within will be random therefore constantly surprising and testing even the most experienced of players. You can check out some action from the Avenger here.


Far Cry: Primal

(Release: February 23 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. March 1 for PC)

Announced in October 2015 to everyone’s surprise – and after the initial leaks hours before – Ubisoft are going back in time for their next open-world adventure. Way back in time! This certainly is a Far Cry from their usual modern-day titles, with extremely different enemies to contend with along with equally varied weaponry. Sabre-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, and many other beasts roam the fictional land of Oros, set 12,000 years before today, with the protagonist Takkar limited to weapons such as spears, axes, bows, and his bare fists to survive.

Takkar also has the intriguing ability to tame live animals, and must craft new weapons, hunt for food, and basically kill to survive. Eventually, Takkar will attempt a rise in power to become leader of his tribe with the help of his pet owl, who can be used in a similar to way the Assassins’ Eagle Vision of Ubisoft’s other big franchise. This huge change in direction was possibly enforced due to the similarities between Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 (in this writer’s opinion anyway) and this massive change is an exciting revelation. Here’s the latest trailer.



(Release: February 9 on Playstation 4,Xbox One and PC)

A unique puzzle-platformer from Coldwood Interactive, Unravel is a beautiful-looking game. Yarny is the main character, a small creature made completely from Yarn, who is incredibly cute as well as incredibly useful. Using his body to create lines and wires to solve puzzles and traverse the world, Unravel is unlike anything else you will play this year.

Certainly a game to pull at the heart-strings, Yarny is created from an old lady’s ball of red yarn and is left to explore the world he awakens in. The further Yarny travels from his original ball, the more he loses of himself. The story is being kept under wraps for the most-part, but we are promised a tale about family – most likely that of the old woman. Set in a world inspired by the lush lands of Scandanavia, this is certainly a game I can get on board with and I am looking forward to more than most. Here’s a trailer focusing on the environment.


Layers of Fear

(Release: February 16 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC)

If Unravel is a game to give you the sweetest of dreams, Layers of Fear is an experience to give you the most horrifying of nightmares. A terrifying “walking simulator” through the home of an insane painter dedicated on finishing his masterpiece, each turn of the camera could present a new threat to your sleeping habits.

Already available for early access on Xbox One, Layers of Fear involves an enormous house with a different threat lurking in every room. Gameplay in essence is simple, with the true difficulty coming through actually managing to sit through the game as it messes with your head. A lot of people get a real kick out of psychological horror games and if you are one of them, then this is definitely one to put on your list of must-haves. Here’s a trailer for the early access in case you don’t believe me:

So these are our choices, what are yours? Or are you still making your way through January’s games? Let us know in the comments below or if you prefer to use social media then we’re available on there too with Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP).


Three Single-Player Games to Watch Out for in May 2019




May offers no respite from the big, bold games that have released so far in 2019, bringing with it a host of games almost certain to appeal to gamers of every stripe.

Close to the Sun

Release Date: May 2, 2019
Platforms: PC, consoles later in the year

May’s first major release may also be its most intriguing. Close to the Sun has regularly attracted comparisons to BioShock for its art style and premise, though the relationship between the two titles is, at best, spiritual.

Players take the role of journalist Rose Archer as she steps aboard Nikola Tesla’s ship, the Helios in 1897. Like Andrew Ryan before him (or after him, depending on perspective), Tesla has created a microcosm in which scientific freedom is unrestricted, with disastrous outcomes. Rose’s first impression is of a quarantine sign at the entrance to a still, dead ship, but she presses on regardless in search of her lost sister.

With Close to the Sun, developer Storm in a Teacup aims to provide an intense horror experience. The Helios holds none of BioShock’s shotguns or Plasmids. Instead, players have no means to defend themselves, with gameplay focusing on hiding from and escaping the threats on board.

Check out OnlySP’s final review of the game here.


Release Date: May 14, 2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

For anyone to whom the slow, meditative approach does not appeal, Bethesda is busting out the big guns with the long-awaited, little-expected sequel, RAGE 2.

This time around, id Software has tapped Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios for assistance in developing an open-world game. The result, if the trailers are any indication, is a breakneck, neon-fuelled experience that focuses on insanity and ramps up all the unique aspects of the earlier game.

One focal point of development has been ensuring the interconnectedness of the game’s structure, and the teams have promised a greater focus on narrative this time around. Perhaps in keeping with that, RAGE 2 is being distanced from its predecessor, taking place 30 years later with a new protagonist and a whole new story, though some callbacks will be present.

Although id’s legendary first-person gunplay is a driving force throughout the game, it will be supplemented by some light RPG elements, robust vehicular combat, and post launch challenges and support (though the developers deny that RAGE 2 is designed with a games-as-a-service model in mind).

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Release Date: May 14, 2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Out on the same day as RAGE 2 is the vastly different A Plague Tale: Innocence. A historical adventure, the game challenges players with overcoming obstacles with brains rather than brawn.

Players become Amicia, an orphan girl struggling to survive in a plague-infested medieval France while also keeping her younger brother safe. With the landscape rife with rats and members of The Inquisition, one of the core tenets of gameplay is reportedly the need to use these threats against each other. As such, though Amicia has a sling to use, the gameplay is designed more as survival puzzles than combat ones.

Developer Asobo Studio is not a household name, though it has a lengthy history of adaptations and support on major titles, including Quantum Break and The Crew 2. Furthermore, even though A Plague Tale is yet to release, publisher Focus Home Interactive has displayed remarkable confidence in the project by extending its partnership with Asobo.

Honourable Mentions

Although RAGE 2 is the incontestable action-blockbuster of the month, gamers in search of another kind of frenetic may want to wait until May 21, when Curve Digital drops American Fugitive, which has a more than passing resemblance to the earliest Grand Theft Auto games. Alternatively, PlayStation VR owners may want to look into Blood and Truth come May 28.

Sega also shines this month, dropping Team Sonic Racing on May 21 and Total War: Three Kingdoms two days later.

Anyone looking for an RPG has indie’s answer to The Outer Worlds, Within the Cosmos, to look out for on May 30, while those looking for slower stories get the latest episode of Life is Strange 2 on May 9, Observation on May 21, and the fjord-noir Draugen at a yet unspecified date.

Have we forgotten anything that you’re excited for? Let us know down below or on our Discord server.

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