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Trademark for The Last Guardian Dropped Again, No Word on Game’s Status



The Last Guardian, along with Agent, are two PS4 exclusives that have yet to see the light of day since being revealed oh so many years ago now.

The trademark for The Last Guardian has seemingly been dropped due to it not being used, or asked for an extension following a Notice of Allowance sent to Sony. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the game is canned, it doesn’t bode well for the fan-base eagerly awaiting updates on the game. The dropping of the trademark could mean a number of things, including a new title for the game for that matter.

The trademark was abandoned once before in 2012 as well.

The full trademark listing can be found here on NeoGAF. I wouldn’t lose hope just yet for The Last Guardian as there’s been multiple reports over the last couple months that the game was being reworked, so this could have something to do with that as well.

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Bohemia Interactive Says ARMA 3 ‘Contact’ is an Idea It Has “Wanted to Explore for Years”



Arma 3 Contact gameplay screenshot 1

The project lead of ARMA 3 ‘Contact’, Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, has explained why Bohemia Interactive opted to focus on an alien invasion for the new spin-off expansion.

In an upcoming interview with OnlySP, van ‘t Land outlined the reasoning behind creating a new extra-terrestrial spin-off expansion for ARMA 3 instead of developing a brand new project like ARMA 4.

On the official ARMA 3 Contact announcement trailer page, fans of the ARMA franchise left comments which appears to indicate that public opinion is in favour of a whole new game. However, van ‘t Land explained that ‘Contact’ actually came into existence because the Amsterdam studio was specifically set up to flesh out new ideas and create new IPs within the ARMA series.

“‘Contact’ originated from our relatively small Amsterdam studio, a team which was formed to develop original ideas for Bohemia. That specifically meant doing less traditional projects, even if they were DLC or expansions to an existing game.”

“Initially ‘Contact’ was not even specified to be an ARMA 3 expansion. We considered even a stand-alone game, but ultimately the benefits of the expansion route were far too great.” He continued, “It meant we could make use of a massive sandbox, and ARMA 3 players would benefit from additions even if they do not care about the setting. Without ‘Contact’, there likely would not have been another official ARMA 3 DLC or expansion, aside from our Creator DLC program of course.

van ‘t Land also revealed that many in the ARMA 3 production team have been wanting to explore the alien sci-fi genre for years, but now they finally got a chance to develop their ideas.

“The ‘first contact’ premise is one many in our team have wanted to explore for years. Some know that during its pre-production stage, ARMA 3 itself had some less conventional elements under its ‘Futura’ codename. We had done our own experiments with the topic on the side for fun, but now pitched it as an actual project, and were fortunately given the chance.”

ARMA 3 Contact is set to be released on 25 July 2019 on PC. The full interview with van ‘t Land will be available tomorrow.

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