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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Art Style, Platforms, Game Length, Difficulty Modes, and Other Details Emerge



trine 4

More details about Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince have emerged following a Discord AMA, with developer Frozenbyte Studios and publisher Modus Games.

The AMA included employees from Frozenbyte such as:

Joel Kinunnen – Vice President and Senior Producer at Frozenbyte

Antti Rantanen – Producer at Frozenbyte

Kai Tuovinen  – Marketing Manager at Frozenbyte

Ella Haapa-alho – Support/Community Manager at Frozenbyte

Charlotta Tiuri – Art Director at Frozenbyte

In the AMA, Joel mentioned that the length of Trine 4 will be longer than both Trine and Trine 2, noting that “it will be a tight race with Trine 2: Complete Story (Trine 2 + the 6 DLC levels), but I’m pretty confident in 8-12 hours right now in a casual playthrough for Trine 4. This is my take on the length at the moment.”

Additionally, one user asked the developers to confirm whether the game will release on Steam and not the Epic Games Store, referencing the trend of Epic Games snatching up many prominent games for timed exclusivity in the PC market. Antti stated that game would be releasing on Steam. Kai also pitched in, noting that since the first three games in the series were on GOG, that “we’re looking into other PC storefronts including GOG and Humble Store – most likely available there like the previous Trine games”.

The Frozenbyte developers also talked about the presentation style of Trine 3, which was in a 3D style compared to its 2.5 predecessors, noting that they “definitely learned a lot of lessons with Trine 3 going full 3D (or semi), there were some difficulties that we didn’t have time to fix” and “that it just generally took more time than we thought it would, which threw us off pretty badly and didn’t realize it until late in the production.” In terms of fan feedback, Joel further elaborated that “it also ended up disappointing fans, so going back to the roots of 2.5D gameplay in Trine 4 was an obvious choice, and we’ve had a lot of new spark because of that for our veteran developers.” Antti also chimed in, saying that “it might be confusing to the players if mixing any actual 3D gameplay. And, we really wanted to go back to roots (and where Trine shines) with 2.5D!”

However, the team discussed features that wouldn’t be supported at launch, such as ultrawide resolution on PC, stating that it is not the focus at the moment, as well as no Editor or Workshop mode. Even though a Hardcore difficulty mode was added to Trine as an update, Frozenbyte has no plans to add one to Trine 4, but individual developers mentioned that they will continue to support the game after launch.

When pressed for a release date, Geoff, the Community Manager of Modus Games, stepped in saying that they could not offer an exact date. However, Antti did confirm that they will be present at E3 this year.

Trine 4 is set to release towards the end 2019.

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Decide France’s Industrial Future in New Railway Empire DLC



Railway Empire France gameplay screenshot

Kalypso Media has announced new downloadable content for its rail management simulator title Railway Empire.

In the new ‘France’ DLC, players can build their railway in the wake of the exile of Emperor Napoleon III. The Third Republic has taken power following the collapse of the French monarchy, so players have the power to decide the industrial future of France.

Players can decide to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure (alongside the new “Eiffel Tower”), or to increase the strength of the country’s borders to prepare for military conflict.

The DLC is set between 1874–1890 and adds 10 train engines, over 12 tradeable goods, and 31 new cities, as well as new songs and characters. The map can be played in the Free Game and Sandbox modes.

Railway Empire: ‘France’ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for US$12.99. The game has also received a new update (Update 1.9).

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below.

OnlySP’s Rhain Radford-Burns discussed the importance of Railway Empire in the wider genre of historical games, noting that “the developer grants an insight into the importance of such seemingly menial tasks.”

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