Tactical Turn-Based RPG Bevontule Heading to Kickstarter This Month

The debut team at Multithreaded Games is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its stunning RPG Bevontule later this month.

The studio made the announcement on the game’s IndieDB profile recently, revealing that the campaign will officially being on Kickstarter on January 29. At the present time, the funding goal has not been revealed, but the team is confident that it will “absolutely shatter [the] fundraising goal.” Alongside the announcement, the team also released a host of new screenshots from the project:

Bevontule has been in active development for more than two years and has been shown off via several demos and conferences, which has helped the project to grow a dedicated fanbase. However, the concept of the project has been around in various forms for more than twenty years, beginning as a short story concept.

Described as a successor to the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Trigger, the game will utilise a turn-based battle system in which positioning will be vital to success. Speaking to OnlySP last year, lead designer Andy Fenton said that the game draws from sources as varied as Xenogears, The Elder Scrolls, and Star Ocean for its story, world design, and levelling and crafting systems.

Although slated for a late 2018 release at that time, the launch window has since been revised, with the game now targeting a release some time in 2019.

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