In an interview for Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios co-founder Phil Robb spoke of its upcoming release and was asked about their possible involvement in the Left 4 Dead franchise, revealing they had have no plans to return to it.

There’s a little bit of Left 4 Dead DNA in Evolve, but it’s a different experience. If you look back at Left 4 Dead there are some things there we felt kind of ‘proved out’ the theory for Evolve, like the Tank battles being one of them. I think we’re pretty much done with it. It’s Valve’s thing now. We’ve kind of gone off in our own direction. So I’d kinda like to see something new being done with it, and Valve always does great stuff, but it’d be cool to go back to it as just a fan and not a developer. But I doubt you’ll see anything from us

There have been a plethora of rumors surrounding Left 4 Dead 3 and its development, and while a third entry in the series would be exciting, someone else will probably have to develop it.

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