Defeat Demons With Words in PlayStation 1-Inspired Typing JRPG Typocrypha


Typocrypha, a new indie JRPG and visual novel, just got its first trailer alongside a free demo that is now available.

Considering that its combat mostly sees players typing out combat commands, Typocrypha is unlike many other RPGs or other word-based titles, such as The Typing of the Dead. Even Typocrypha’s website details the game as a “typing game where words matter.”

Some of the main draws as listed on the site are pure knowledge progression (meaning the ability to use any spell at any time so long as the player knows the word), keyboard status effects (with enemy attacks can affect letters), active time battle systems, PlayStation 1-inspired 2D visuals, a cyber-like JRPG soundtrack, and a heavy focus on narrative.

The story will have players taking on the role of a young spellcaster taking on the ambiguous EVIL EYE’s devilish forces. Much is left unsaid concerning where the story will go, as despite the currently available demo, the final version of the game has no set release date.

For now, check out the demo on the official website and watch the trailer below.

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