With E3 coming up, a lot of big name titles will be looking to get their names out. However, the show in recent years has also become a platform for smaller indie titles. One indie game that may be showcased at the event is Typoman from independent developer Brainseed Factory and independent publisher Headup Games.

From what looks like the love child of Limbo and Scribblenauts, Typoman is a 2D platformer centered around the power of words. Your character is a prime example of the way the world works, being made out of the letters that spell ‘hero’. Everything, from rain to the platforms you walk on show an arrangement of letters that spell out the word. In addition to traditional platforming mechanics, it seems as though players will have to move around letters in order to solve puzzles and avoid enemies.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer. Typoman does not have a release date as of yet but is expected to hit consoles, PC, and mobile devices at some point in the future. You can also check out more about the game on its website, and be sure to stick to OnlySP for any future updates.

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