Ubisoft: ‘The Rainbow Six Solo, Single-Player Experience is Dead’

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Ubisoft has rebuffed any chance of a Rainbow Six single-player experience in a recent interview.

In an interview with Daily Star last year, Rainbow Six brand director Alexandre Remy officially shut down any rumours that Rainbow Six: Siege will contain a single-player campaign. Now, Remy has reiterated the his statement, saying “the single-player experience is dead.”

Rainbow Six: Siege launched in 2015 and delivered a left-of-field experience being multiplayer only. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six franchise derived its popularity predominately from the outstanding tense and tactical Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2.

Unfortunately, any fans hoping Ubisoft will reverse its direction back to single-player campaigns will be disappointed.

Remy, was incredibly forthright about whether Ubisoft Montreal were going to create a new single-player entry in the franchise.

When asked if single-player was dead, he simply answered: “yes, yes, one hundred percent.”

Despite Ubisoft’s tunnel vision, earlier this year the developer asked fans for feedback on new modes or new types of gameplay via a survey. It specifically mentioned ‘co-operative PvE content, a single-player campaign, and even an open-world exploration mode.

However, even though the survey included an option of a single-player campaign, Remy rejected any notion of a single-player mode for Rainbow Six: Siege.

“For Siege, forget about a solo campaign. We want this game to be a pure competitive multiplayer experience. All of our resources are going in that direction and to invest those resources elsewhere would be a digression.”

Furthermore, the cancellation of Rainbow Six: Patriots only supports the idea that fans probably will not see another single-player entry in the franchise, at least for quite some time. Although development was not completed, it contained early playable builds and a storyline centered on a domestic terrorist threat.

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