E3 2018

Play Co-Op Alone in New EA Original Unravel Two

Unravel Two

EA has revealed that Unravel Two, a sequel to 2013’s charming woollen platformer, is the latest member of its indie-styled EA Originals line.

Once again being developed by Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive, Unravel Two will follow the adorable protagonist Yarny on another adventure where it will use its own body to traverse the dangers of the wider world. The game is described as a game about “fresh starts.”

The biggest change is that two characters will be present at all times, though players will still be able to tackle the game entirely own their own, which was demonstrated in the live gameplay demo. In such sections, solo players will be able to “pick up” the second character for action sections, while puzzle sections will be split between the two characters, with players switching between them on the fly.

This time, players will be able to tackle the game in co-op, with a second user taking the role of a blue version of Yarny. The game will be available today.

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