After years of being a console only title, Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is landing later this Friday January 15th on PC (Steam platform). The previously Xbox 360 and PS3 only title will now be featured up to 4K for the PC gaming crowd equipped with high end PCs… Making it the prettiest Dragon’s Dogma we’ve seen to date.

As a port, the game is priced fairly at $29.99 on Steam Steam, but in fact several digital retailers are competing for your cash and have dropped the price on Dragon’s Dogma’s pre-order. GMG is the best deal after their 25% off coupon, but DLGamer, FunStock Digital, and GamesPlanet are all relatively close.

All are authorized retailers, so you’ll also receive the pre-order bonuses: The Digital Artbook and Soundtrack. Newcomer fan to the series? Don’t dismiss these bonuses too much as the Soundtrack is over 2 hours long and the artbook over 300 pages.

The GMG 25% off coupon deal dies after January 18th at 9AM Pacific. The other retailers will likely run up to the games January 15th release, when they’ll probably go to full price in the near term, and eventually starts dropping in price again – this is a PC digital game after all.

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