Crying Suns

Upcoming Rogue-Lite Crying Suns Has New Demo, Features Revised Gameplay

Crying Suns, an upcoming stylishly sci-fi rogue-lite by Alt Shift, has a new demo on its Steam page, as well as changes the project’s gameplay and pacing.
According to the developer, it has been working on the gameplay of Crying Suns for the past several months, concluding that the game needed changes to help “streamline the game flow during battles.” As a result, Crying Suns has received alterations in its focus points, the roles of its central heroes, as well as amendments to how maintenance of ships and crew works.
Alt Shift also took time to elucidate its publisher partnership, release date, and platform plans. The studio will be partnering with Humble Bundle for release on Windows and OSX sometime in 2019. Originally envisioned as a solely kickstarted entity, the developer felt it could “benefit from the publisher’s expertise and advice for Windows and OSX releases.”
Overall, Alt Shift appears to be trying to smooth out the gameplay to reach its ambitious goals. Self-described as “FTL meets Foundation,” Crying Suns needs tight gameplay and an unobtrusive approach to the subgenre’s granular aspects in order to live up to this ambition.
For more on Crying Suns, be sure to check out its Steam page for the free demo. For the best in single-player gaming, follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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