Vigil Had Hoped to Make Darksiders III and had a Project Codenamed “Crawler” in Production



Sigh. Today’s a rather gloomy day in the gaming industry. Long time publisher THQ has been shut down, its assets sold and auctioned off to all new publishers, but one very important developer was left behind to die with THQ: Vigil Games. With the recently released Darksiders II, we had all hoped to see a third and even a fourth game in the series that would focus on the last two remaining horsemen and tell their stories. However, with no outside companies making a bid on Vigil Games, the studio has been forced to lay off its staff and close its doors.

A few members of the development team have voiced their goodbyes on Twitter and NeoGaf, revealing some of their hopes and little teases of information on projects they were either working on or looking forward to working on. Haydon Dalton of THQ recently Tweeted today that there was a shimmer of hope for Darksiders 3, but that hope has come and gone today.

Ben Cureton also voiced his goodbyes today on Neogaf, detailing his experience at Vigil Games and his love for the company. He was also sad to announce that a project they were currently working on, codenamed of “Crawler,” would cease to exist… for now. You can read his full post here.

It’s a shame that Vigil Games, out of all the companies THQ had to auction off, was left in the dust. The team is full of talented developers and for me, Darksiders II was not only an excellent game but also sort of a blast from the past. The game gave me the feeling of playing one of my favorite games from my childhood, Spyro. Traversing levels, finding keys to unlock doors and advancing through imaginative environments while vanquishing epic bosses along the way. Hopefully, another publisher will one day come along and revive the Darksiders IP to delve into the stories of the last two of the four horsemen. Until then, we’re simply left with the thoughts of what could have been.

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  1. :( anyone know whats gonna happen to the red faction IP?

    1. Volition (Red Faction devs) got picked up by Koch Media (Deep Silver – Dead Island). No word on a future game yet, though. (

      1. hmm hopefully they let em do a reboot of red faction loved that series but it needs to go back to its FPS roots TPS is not good for it IMPO

        1. Volition was picked up by Koch Media, and future games will be released via their Deep Silver publishing arm. The Red Faction franchise, however, was not sold to Koch Media, and is currently unsold, with no one choosing to buy it yet.

  2. So sad. Loved the first 2 Darksiders game and was hoping to see how the other 2 turned out but guess for now that dream is gone. Sad day…

  3. Really hope they buy Vigil Games Love that Darksiders is like a Darker Zelda

  4. Oh, rumor is that Crytek are considering purchasing the Darksiders franchise. If so, this would allow CrytekUSA (Made up of ex-Vigil staff primarily) to develop a new Darksiders game…….if Crytek do not buy it, Platinum Games have said they may purchase the franchise……

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