Horror games and horror movies are much alike: they prey on the primal fear of the unknown. That is exactly what sets up players for scares galore in SadSquare Studio’s upcoming first-person psychological horror game, Visage.

Watch the trailer below to find out why we think SadSquare Studios took many pages out of the books of The Grudge, Allison Road and Slender Man in developing this gorgeous and frightening game.

The trailer gives an excellent overview of the story and main features of this gorgeous-looking game. Players wake up gasping for air in a bathtub. After making their way downstairs and exploring the house a little, it’s clear something is very off about the house…or maybe something’s off about the character you play as.

Classic horror is much more than jump scares, and Visage clearly seeks to scare the players in so many other vintage-horror-like ways. Like I highlighted at the top of this post, fear of the unknown is a very primal fear that many, including myself, find hard to control. This extends to the gameplay of Visage, the first-person POV of which lends itself nicely to not being able to see everything around you.

Each room in the house brings back memories to the player of the horrors and atrocities committed in them. The dead families and people (and who know what else) that once lived there have not left. So, the question is, will you, as the player, try and piece together what happened, or focus on finding a way out instead?

With no weapons to fight against the entities stalking and haunting players, interaction with, and observation of, the environment is the only way to fight against what you fear. However, death cannot be avoided in Visage, and keeping sane and cool-minded are critical to survival. Exactly how to keep the character sane, though, is not taught, leaving players to figure it out as they go.

Visage is unique in its use of randomly-activated events. What does this mean? Every playthrough is unique and different than the rest. Add to that a choice-based system that affects the ending, virtual reality support and the beautiful 3D environment wrought by the power of Unreal Engine 4, and you have a hit horror game in the works.

But its success remains yet to be seen. If you like what you see in Visage, consider supporting it on Steam Greenlight.

Visage is currently tentatively-scheduled for release in 2016. Although only set up right now for the PC, Visage is also planned to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Cedric Lansangan

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