Wallet hurt from Steam Summer sale? Payneful Rockstar PC gaming sale now on GameFly


Still have cash on hand even after the Steam Summer sale? GameFly just launched some big discounts on select Rockstar titles. Get the Max Payne 3 collection (base + all DLC) for only $11.99. On top of that, you can use coupon GFDJUL20 for an extra 20% off, dropping the price to $9.59 – the cheapest ever.

In fact, GameFly has a total of 20 Rockstar PC titles and bundles on sale. They advertise a total of up to 83% off the MSRP (true for the Max Payne 3 collection), but after coupon you’re looking at an even greater percentage off. After coupon, you could nab the entire Max Payne series (including MP 1&2) for $15.99 or the L.A. Noire base game + DLC for only $5.99.

There are a two “deals” to avoid in this GameFly sale. Notably, don’t buy the Max Payne 3 base game or the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Season Pass individually for $11.99 each. It makes far more sense to buy the complete collection for $9.59.

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