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Want to Know Who You Can Trust as an “Insider”?



So, the term “insider” has become a much used term across gaming news outlets, including OnlySP over the past few months. Lots of things have been said, some true and some not. So, let’s take a look at the insiders that have been providing information that can be actually trusted, amongst other sources.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a full history of their reports, but some of their most recent “findings”.

First, let’s look at the obvious. Shinobi602. Is he an insider? No, not really, he’s just a good guy with a lot of friends in the industry and shares information when he is able to. So, lets look at what he’s been right about so far.

Halo 5: Guardians Embargo and Name (Confirmed)

Battlefield: Hardline (Confirmed)

Quantum Break Releasing in 2015 (Confirmed)

Next Mass Effect at E3 (Confirmed)

The Order: 1886 Releasing in February 2015 (Confirmed)

Homefront: Sequel Announcement Date – Monday (Confirmed)

Halo 2: Anniversary (Confirmed)

New Format for Sony E3 2014 Press Conference (Confirmed)


He’s also let loose some details on upcoming things as well that have yet to be confirmed, but looking at this track record, are certainly plausible.

Guerrilla Game’s Next Game Open World

Guerrilla Game’s Next Game to Include Dino Bots, More

God of War: Ascension on PS4


Next up, Superannuation, who also doesn’t consider himself and insider, but is more known for searching the net and finding little details that usually lead to uncovering something.

From this year so far

Far Cry 4 Set in the Himalayas (Confirmed)

Rainbow 6: Patriots Redesigned Multiple Times (Confirmed)

Hunted: The Gilded Age Domains (Confirmed)

Superannuation has uncovered a number of other things, but obviously we don’t need to go back very far to know that he’s a credible source. You can find his great columns of his findings once in a while on Kotaku.



Microsoft 2014-2015 Plans (Confirmed)

– Halo Master Chief Collection

– Forza Horizon 2

– Price drop

– Sunset Overdrive release date

and so on.



Tidux is a bit of a hit and miss, somethings he’s been right on and some things he has not. So let’s take a look at the few stories that we’ve reported on from him.


Uncharted 4 Will be Darker than Previous Entries (Based on the teaser trailer, I think this is confirm-able)

Uncharted 4 Gameplay to be Shown at E3 (False)

Unhcarted 4 Trailer 3 Min Long (Confirmed, just under 3 min)

Rest of Tidux’s Confirmations (False) Keep in mind that plans may have changed in the month leading up to E3, so this was potentially true.

Guerrilla Game’s New IP at E3 (False, again, plans may have changed)

ThatGameCompany’s Next Game at E3 (False)

Titanfall Going Multiplatform (Unconfirmed/False)



Uncharted Being Shown Behind Closed Doors – (False)

Sony VR Support for God of War, Other Titles (False)

Uncharted Looks Incredible, New Third Party Exclusive IP from Microsoft (Uncharted was a Given, Microsoft bit Confirmed)

Opinion Report (Opinion reported as a rumor)

“Castlevania” Souls was pretty accurate for Project Beast (Confirmed)

Xbox One Behind all Generation (Opinion reported as a rumor)

Sony to Announce Benchmark PS4 Exclusive (?)

Fallout, Dragons Dogma 2 and Left 4 Dead 3 at MS E3 2014 (False)

Two Bombs at MS Conference, One at Sony (Questionable)


Pete Dodd

Sony Layoff Controversy (False)

Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty a Big Graphical Leap (Confirmed, but could have been a random guess as well)

Microsoft Xbox Division to be Purchased by Amazon (False)


Anonymous Source

E3 2014 Sony Press Conference Details (Major fake)

E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Details (Major fake)



So, if you haven’t noticed a trend here you probably should have. These “insiders” really aren’t all that bad when it comes to actual information like reveals, game settings and so on. Their message gets lost in the mix when they become attention seekers and start speaking the obvious, which is then picked up by gaming sites around the net, which people then jump on and say, “no shit!”. Also, if you’re going to release information, you need to stay impartial to your preference or you will get eaten alive by both sides of the spectrum as Thuway found out today.

Obviously there are certain instances where they are wrong, as anybody would be and plans do change, but of course, there’s also instances like today with Thuway making false claims about people seeing Uncharted behind closed doors, and Pete Dodd releasing false information about a subject he wasn’t involved in. The biggest problem right now though, is the fact that websites are reporting on these people’s opinions as rumors. They are also not listing the past credentials of these people in their posts, which is something I always make sure to do to validate their credibility and save them from the hostility they receive if they’re proven wrong.

As I’ve stated numerous times, the only two “insiders”, sorry I’m going to use that word because I don’t know what else to call them, I trust are Shinobi602 and Superannuation. The rest, well you’ve seen a glimpse of what they’ve either been right or wrong about. Again, as you should notice, it’s not always their fault for spreading the false information.

As much as you may hate reading rumors and speculation, the gaming industry would be a much more boring place without it. When reporting on so called insiders, you must be able to differentiate between when they’re stating information over an opinion.

Insiders are obviously a fickle issue and we’ve been burned once first hand on the release of the next Call of Duty details. The only thing that source of ours had right was the three year development cycle and Sledgehammer being the lead development.

Hopefully this article helped you get a bit more perspective on the situation with insiders, who to listen to and who not to listen to and, most importantly, where the misconception comes from.

DISCLAIMER: There’s no intent to offend any site in this report. We’re reporting it as we see it and there are obvious instances here of stories based on these people’s opinions over information.

OnlySP founder and former site owner.


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An Interview with Roger Clark

Roger Clark gave Rockstar Games’s Wild West a new voice when he took on the role of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan last October. Despite big boots to fill, Clark has managed to prove himself as a valuable member of the outlawed gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched to critical acclaim across the board and is set to go down not only as a triumph in world-building, but as a successful character-driven story, too.

OnlySP’s Michael Cripe sat down with Clark to talk about single-player games, the character of Arthur Morgan, fun times on set, inspirations, and more at Planet Comicon KC 2019. Check out the full interview up above.

“I was trying to come up with something that was honest, yet, had enough ambiguity so that, if the player wanted to make Arthur a total bastard, my performance would still make sense…”

Clark managed to take the OnlySP Award for Best Performer during OnlySP’s Best of 2018 ceremony thanks the “emotion he brought to the role” and his “low, raspy voice that will be ingrained in the minds of players for a very long time.”

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