Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Set for Steam Early Access in Early May

Warhammer 40,000 developer Hammerfall Publishing has stepped up to the plate this week to announce their latest upcoming project. Called Warhammer 40,000: Regicide, a new edition to the Warhammer 40K series with a campaign focused on the Blood Angels. This new cinematic turn based strategy title will be landing on Steam Early Access May 5th.

Hammerfall Publishing released the opening cinematic to the Regicide campaign to go along with the release date announcement. As you can see below the cinematic introduces the Regicide story where Space Marines are fighting against “unexpected adversaries” while looking into a mysterious transmission. Through all of this chaos they are also attempting to liberate Hethgar Prime.

Throughout the Open Access period for Regicide, the full Blood Angels campaign will slowly be released. The campaign will eventually be made of 50 missions all narrated by Brian Dobson of the Dawn of War series.

Hammerfall Publishing is describing Regicide as a mix of strategy and cinematic action. Offering cross-platform multiplayer that will boast persistent progress. Hammerfall’s plan is to eventually make Regicide playable on mobile devices as well as Steam. Since announcing the game last year the developer has received thousands of registrations; so their is certainly enough interest to warrant a move to mobile.

Hammerfall plans to unveil 11 chapters and clans for both Space Marines and Ork factions before the end of the Regicide Early Access. They plan to kick things off with the release of Blood Angels and Goffs with White Scars and Bad Moons available to exclusively to active forum members.

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